Gimnasio Santana del Norte: Growing through Understanding

At Gimnasio Santana del Norte, education is about more than teaching subjects; it's about cultivating understanding, happiness and potential in every student. This new year, we are proud to open our doors to provide a loving, safe and committed learning environment.

As a new year unfolds, it brings with it an opportunity for growth and progress. We extend a warm welcome to you and your children at Gimnasio Santana del Norte, where they will experience love, protection, and a commitment to learning.

Our guiding principle, “teach to understand an understand to be happy”. underlines our dedication to providing high-quality development and learning for your child.Employing the Teaching for Understanding approach with generative topics, threads,and goals, each trimester promises enriching experiences to foster your child’s education.

Our educational foundation rests on pillars such as exploring the environment, play, literature, and art. Through meaningful activities, we create an environment where learning becomes a joyful journey. Additionally, we integrate the constant use of English, ensuring your children immerse themselves in the language throughout various experiences.

Dear families, our castles doors are wide open for you. Trust that your children are in the best hands to learn and thrive happily. Thank you for choosing Gimnasio Santana del Norte.

Warm regards,

Gimnasio Santana del Norte.

About Gimnasio Santana del Norte de Bogotá 

At Gimnasio Santana del Norte, we are a bilingual kindergarten dedicated to cultivating bright minds and strong hearts. With a solid foundation in values, we promote academic excellence and the integral development of each student. Our passion for education is reflected in an environment that stimulates creativity, critical thinking and a love of learning. With a committed team and innovative programs, we are molding tomorrow’s leaders. Join our family and discover the path to a bright future!

Autor: Gimnasio Santana del Norte (Bogotá)